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Mac Book – Mac Book Pro Water Damage Repair

What Do I Do if I Spill Water on My Mac Book?

Mac Book: We’ve all heard stories of people dropping their iPhones in water without permanent harm. That’s promising, but your MacBook isn’t the same.

Unlike your iPhone, Apple Watch, or even the new Air Pods Pro, your MacBook isn’t waterproof. It’s definitely not waterproof.

If you spill water or liquid on your MacBook, follow these instructions as closely as possible to give yourself the best chance of avoiding liquid damage.


Step 1. Safely Unplug Your Mac Book from Power

  • The power cord is unplugged from the outlet
  • It is necessary not to allow water to enter the outlet.
  • Your safety should be your first consideration. You must be careful about water and electricity to avoid electric current or fire.
  • If water gets into one of the outlets, find the circuit breaker and turn it off. If your MacBook is charging, remove the charger from the wall. You should do this before moving your MacBook to a
  • dry location, even if it means that no more liquid will be spilled onto your MacBook in the meantime.
  • Don’t worry if your MacBook runs out of battery.

Step 2. Take Your Mac Book to a Dry Place

Now that you have disconnected all power supplies, you should be able to safely remove your MacBook from the liquid. This may mean moving him to a dry area on the desk or taking him out by the pool, depending on what happened.

It may be a good idea to lay it on a towel or other absorbent material in a dry, safe place.

Step 3. Shut Down Your Mac Book Immediately

If you spill water on your MacBook while it is on, you should turn it off immediately. Don’t save your work first, don’t close your apps, and don’t open the Apple menu.

Step 4. Unplug the Accessories and Disconnect the Battery

Disconnect any external devices or accessories connected to your Mac. This includes external storage devices, monitors, and even input devices such as a mouse or keyboard.

If your Mac has a detachable battery, remove that as well. This is not possible on newer MacBook models; It’s usually obvious if you can remove the battery from the bottom of the case.

Step 5. Absorb as Much Fluid as Possible

This is the time to soak up any water or liquid that may have fallen on your MacBook. The coolest method to do this is to wipe it off with a paper towel or cotton cloth. Use a microfiber towel to avoid damaging your MacBook screen.

Step 6. Let your Mac Book Air Dry for at Least 48 Hours

At this point, you’ll probably be tempted to turn on your MacBook to see if it still works. Is this a bad idea?

Even if your MacBook does turn on, there is likely to be liquid on the internal components. When turned on, the electric current flowing through these wet components can do a lot of additional damage.
Instead, wait at least 48 hours or two for your MacBook to air dry.

Step 7. Wait for Your MacBook to Dry Completely

Be patient and wait at least 48 hours before restarting your MacBook. This allows any water or liquid to spill inside your MacBook, giving it the best chance of survival for a long time.

You should only use your MacBook again if you are sure the liquid inside is dry.

How Much Does it Cost to Fix Water Damage in a Mac Book?

Liquid or water damaged Mac Books can be repaired in a professional and economical way. Most customers leave our store and pay between $250 and $600 depending on the problem and MacBook model. The degree of injury depends on how you handle the spill. If you turn off your MacBook immediately after a spill and don’t restart it, you effectively guarantee that your beloved MacBook can be repaired, and at a much lower cost. Serious damage occurs when you turn on a MacBook that was liquid damaged and then dried out.

After receiving your MacBook, we will conduct a diagnostic evaluation and provide you with a non-binding quote. We’ll tell you which fluid is damaged and how much it will cost to repair or replace it. For customers who use our postal facility, we notify you of potentially damaged components and the cost of defective components before we send you a MacBook.

Mac book : What you Shouldn’t?

Now that we’ve looked at the steps that can help you minimize water damage, let’s take a look at some of the things you absolutely shouldn’t do that are any way to fix your water-damaged MacBook. can also eliminate the possibility.

Do not restart your MacBook. Most likely, you are in panic mode and desperate to know if your MacBook is on fire. However, trying to start early is the worst thing you can do. Lightning can cause further damage and can be dangerous. It’s not easy, but it’s important to avoid the temptation to run your MacBook completely dry.

Do not shake your MacBook. You may feel frustrated, but shaking the laptop will only spill the liquid. This can push water into the more sensitive areas of your MacBook, causing more wear and damage.

Forget the hair dryer. While this may seem like a great way to speed up the drying process, it actually has little real effect, and direct heat can damage the delicate components on your MacBook.

Ignore the ancient urban legend of rice use. There is a widespread belief that rice will absorb moisture from equipment. While it may work with your phone, applying a layer of rice to your MacBook will not remove moisture from key components such as the battery and circuit board. I wish it were that easy to fix a submerged MacBook.

What Can I do to Fix a Potentially Water Damaged Mac Book?

If your MacBook is unresponsive or sluggish after you spilled water on it, it probably needs a hardware repair. Unfortunately, liquid damage isn’t covered under warranty by Apple, so you’ll have to pay for it yourself.

The exact cost of this repair will vary greatly depending on the specific components that need to be replaced.

The best item to do is to make an appointment at the Genius Bar at your nearest Apple Store. The technician there should be able to give you an estimate for the repair, so you can decide whether to pay to have it fixed.


It is a serious accident if liquid falls on your laptop. Even if you can get your laptop back, you’ll want to make sure it never happens again.

To help protect your MacBook, we recommend not only purchasing AppleCare+, but also investing in a waterproof laptop sleeve with ventilation holes for both sides of the case, a clear plastic keyboard cover or a silicone and a waterproof screen protector.


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