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O light Charger – OLIGHT User Manual, OLIGHT USB Cable

OLIGHT O Bulb User Manual

O light Charger: Features

O light Charger – Four lighting modes: warm white light (high/low), red light, and flashing red light, perfect for creating a happy and relaxing atmosphere.
55-lumen and 3.5-lumen brightness are available for multiple purposes and last up to 56 hours on the low setting.
Magnetic charging, simple buttons, and light weight provide an easy-to-use experience.
Made of safe and durable material, O blub is IPX7 waterproof, and 1.5m drop resistant.

O light Charger: Determine

Olite O blub Mode – Specification 1 Elite O blub – Specification 2
Warm white light (high) 55 lumens 3 hours
Warm white light (dim) 3.5 lumens 56 hours
7 lumens 7 C red light
Flashing red light 7 lumens 30 hours
• All data above are test results according to ANSI / NEMA FL 1-2009 standards.
• Tests are performed using a fully charged built-in battery

O light Charger: Cost

  • Please fully charge the product before using it for the first time.
  • Connect the USB end of the Magnetic Charging Cable (MCC 1A) to an external USB power source, then connect the other end of the cable to the charging port on the bottom of the product. A full
  • charge takes two hours.
  • Charged with a voltage of 5V / 0.65A max.
  • The red indicator means charging, while the green arrow means fully charged.
  • Note: When connecting the charging cable for the first time, it is normal for the cable indicator to turn red once or twice to indicate that the charging cable is detected.

Battery Type

Built-in 630 mAh Li-Polymer battery, rechargeable 3.7 V.

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How to Use the Metal Sticker Badge?

How to Use the Metal Sticker Badge?

1. Clean and dry the sealant housing.
2. Gently and carefully peel off the protective film, and do not touch the adhesive side.
3. Stick the adhesive metal badge’s adhesive side to the desired position and press evenly until it cures.
4. Install the o  bulb on the metal badge with adhesive.

O light Charger: Information

The current output mode will be remembered for the next activation when the light is off.
The output brightness decreases when the battery is low, and its voltage drops until the light is turned off.
Do not use any charging chain other than the supplied 1A MCC cable.


Please do not drop or affect the light harshly to protect the built-in battery.

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O light Charger: Attention

  • Do not charge the product if it converts dirty or wet after using it in a damp area. Before setting, please clean and dry it.
  • Do not let the animal play with it if it bites and hurts it.
  • Please don’t hit it like a ball. It could cause irreparable damage.
  • Could you not use it as a child’s toy?
  • It may be damaged or deformed at 60°C or more.

How to Drive?

The button is situated at the lowest of the product. It can be operated by pressing the level side from the bottom or pressing the top of the cap, as long as the product is firmly attached to a hard surface.

ON/OFF: Click the button once to turn on/off the light.

Change Output: When the well-lit is on, press and hold to cycle through deep white light (tiny), warm white light (high), red light, blinking red bright.

Warm white light: When the light is off, press and grip the key for less than 2 seconds to directly access the warm white light (low).

Lock/unlock: When the light turns off, press and hold the button for more than 2 seconds, and the light will lock after a short flash. In lock mode, if you press the button for less than 2 seconds, the light will turn on temporarily with dim white light. To exit lock style, press and hold the key for more than 2 seconds until the LED flashes with a faint white light followed by a fast flash.

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  • Within 30 days of purchase: Contact the unique seller for repair or replacement.
  • Within two years of purchase: Contact Olite for repair or replacement.
  • USB magnetic charging cable: 1 year. This warranty does not cover overall wear and tear,
  • alterations, misuse, disassembly, negligence, accidents, improper maintenance or repairs made by
  • an authorized dealer or anyone other than O light.

O light Charger: Advantages

  • The USB works with a charging current of 750 mA.
  • Compatible lithium batteries with nominal voltages between 3.6 V and 3.7 V. NiMH battery.
  • Responsible for the dolls. There is no need to match the poles because the charger can detect them automatically when used.
  • All sizes are compatible. It works excellent on cylindrical-shaped batteries of varying diameters and lengths.
  • Tangle-free flat cable design. Easy to store and organize.

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OLIGHT USB Magnetic Charging Cable User Manual

How to Drive?

Gently tap the tail switch to put out a low light intensity, or press the tail switch hard to achieve a high light intensity.

One-click (quick click and release) on the tail switch to turn the flashlight on or off.

When you press and hold the switch, the lamp will be in floating mode; When the tail switch is released, it is turned off.

Battery Installation

Before first use, remove the tail cap and the insulating film inside the battery compartment before tightening the tail cap back on tightly. If the battery wants to be replaced, make sure the positive electrode side of the battery is facing the direction of the light head (LED side).

Power Indicator Vibration

Helps alert when battery is low (Power < 20% vibrates once every 5 minutes; Power < 10% vibrates once per minute; Power < 5% vibrates once every 10 seconds) . Before the first use, please fully control the product.

Connect the magnetic USB end of the charging cable (MCC3) to an external USB power supply, and then connect the other end of the magnetic charging cable to the charging port (better charging with a USB power supply greater than 10W (5V 2)) efficiency a)). Red Indicator Means Charging, Green Indicator Means Charging Full (battery power>95%).

Only charge with MCC3 standard, not compatible with other ECM.

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  • Keep out of reach of children.
  • Do not repeatedly operate the high mode at a high temperature to prevent overheating the lamp body and damaging the user’s hand.
  • The tail switch may not work when submerged in seawater or another conductive medium. Please try to have it clean and dry.
  • If the lamp will be put away or moved for a long time, please loosen the tail cap and take out the battery to cut off the circuit.

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