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Arteck Wireless Keyboard – Introduction, Relation, Use, And More


Arteck Wireless Keyboard  – The Artek Compact Keyboard measures 9.7 x 5.9 x 0.24 inches and weighs less than half a pound, making it the perfect travel companion. It powers by a rechargeable lithium battery and a USB charging cable.

Artek claims that a single charge will give you up to six months of battery life, provided you only use it for a few hours a day with the backlight off. However, it also emphasizes that this is an out-of-office solution, not your daily driver.

The design replicates the keyboard on a laptop. A complete set of alphanumerical, system-specific function keys and a Windows button doubles as a macOS/iOS command key. Thus the, above the switch are LED status lights for Caps Lock, Bluetooth pairing, charging, and battery life.

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Arteck Wireless Keyboard – Relation

Therefore, Pairing a keyboard is as easy as pressing the Connect button next to the on/off switch and selecting a Bluetooth 3.0 keyboard from your device’s Bluetooth list. When I connected HB030B to my Windows laptop, iPhone, and Android phone, it worked as expected.


The keyboard backlight isn’t particularly new, but so is the ability to choose the color of the light. The HB030B includes seven backlight color shades: Cyan, Light Green, Magenta, Soft Blue, Dark Green, Dark Blue, and Red.

Activate the backlight by pressing the purpose key and the dedicated backlight key, then press these keys again with the up or down arrow keys to switch between colors when the keyboard is not in use, lighting up after about 45 seconds. It is closed at.

Arteck Wireless Keyboard – Use

Arteck Wireless Keyboard - Use

Therefore, Designed for limited use in scenarios on the go, the HB030B doesn’t compromise on ergonomics when it comes to typing. It lays flat on your desk/table surface and is very compact to include a palm rest. However, the lack of a 10-key keyboard makes it unsuitable for numerical calculations. These are not disadvantages, just things to be aware of.

If you’re a fan of writing notes, you’ll love the satisfying percussion with each key press. Essential travel was similar to a laptop keyboard; I had no problems with sticky keys or missing keystrokes.

However, due to the large size, the keyboard is not exceptionally spacious. In the initial position, the four fingers of each hand were in contact with each other. It didn’t affect my writing, but I’m not a fan of cynicism.

Customer Questions and Answers

  • Is it USB 2 or 3?
    Answer: Micros and Bluetooth
  • How do you get paid for this?
    Answer: Failed to download the video
  • Can you use the keyboard while charging?
    Answer: Yes, you can use the keyboard and mouse while charging. It only connects to the socket during this time, so you should be close enough.
  • I think I’ve had a keyboard and mouse for about a year now, which is excellent! But my mouse is not paired and will not reconnect. Help me?
    Answer: I emailed their support when I had a problem with the keyboard, and they were accommodating. You can also send an prompt message to your support team through your Facebook page.
  • Will this keyboard work with a fire starter pad?
    Answer: Does this keyboard work with the Fire tablet? If it has a “USB” connection? Yes, it will work. Good luck, and God bless you! Oil
  • Will the mouse work on a glass table?
    Answer: Most rats don’t do well on a glass table. You might consider using a trackball on a glass tabletop.

Arteck Wireless Keyboard – Related Questions

  • What are the dimensions of this keyboard? And what about the mouse? Length width height?
    (I’m building a cabinet to store it) The keyboard is small, 17″ x 5″ tall, and about 3/4″ long. The mouse is the standard mouse size.
  • Does anyone know how to use the zoom feature for this particular mouse? I have searched all over the internet without success. Please help me. Thank you
    Answer: This ” Ctrl & quote; wolf joe
  • What is the blue light (next to the red light)?
    I have never seen a blue light on the keyboard. Just the extra green light I accidentally pressed makes all caps drive me crazy. I love the size but had trouble using it as it is much smaller than the old one. I haven’t had to charge my device yet.

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Advantages and Disadvantages


Therefore, In our comparison evaluation, we have selected the best positive and negative customer reviews. Thus, Our experts have gathered all these experiences to help you make an informed purchase. Here is a list of the adv and disadvantages of our comparison.

Arteck Wireless Keyboard – The Best Benefits:

  • What are the benefits of a wireless keyboard? First, these keyboards are convenient for remote work.
  • Optimized dimensions allow for easy storage.
  • Writing comfort is good.
  • It comes with silicone protection to prevent dust.
  • Keycaps are very easy to read.
  • It is perfect for word processing.
  • Wireless keyboards are often lightweight and have a great design.
  • Wireless keyboards are very durable.
  • Thus, It is convenient to surf the Internet on TV.

Arteck Wireless Keyboard – Inconveniences:

  • The Bluetooth receiver works very poorly.
  • The keys are not always responsive.
  • The shift key is operated without dialing.
  • Some consumers are very disappointed with the finish.
  • Accidental disconnections are very common.
  • Some special characters do not match the content printed on the keys.
  • Some switches only work once out of ten.
  • Really bad group.
  • Some keys are very narrow, which makes using the keyboard difficult.
  • Sometimes the “Login” key is missing.

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For the price, the Arteck HB030B is an excellent choice for mobile writers. However, the connectivity quirks you encounter can be a hindrance if you frequently switch between devices and operating systems. Most likely, you wouldn’t; In this case, this keyboard will serve you well.

Resetting a wireless keyboard is a straightforward method and generally varies by computer. Also, the reason for the reset is different, so that the process will differ. Other than that, if you have a laptop, you’ll have to use the reset button most of the time, and you’ll be fine.

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