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Power Strip – Introduction, Charge a Mobile with USB Power Strip


Power Strip – A power strip is an electrical outlet block that attaches to one end of a flexible cable (usually with an AC outlet on the other), allowing multiple electrical devices to be powered from only one electrical outlet. Power strips are often used when many electrical devices are nearby, such as audio, video, computer systems, appliances, power tools, and lighting. Thus, it often include a circuit breaker to interrupt the electrical current in the event of an overload or short circuit. Some power connectors provide surge protection. Typical enclosure types include strips, rackmounts, sub-displays, and direct plug-ins.

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Versatile and Practical: Power Strip

Designed with user comfort, say goodbye to inconvenience and the risk of having too many misplaced and mismatched cords! Equipped with multiple universal outlets and USB ports, charge and connect your electronics and appliances without worrying about compatibility.

Safe and Easy Access: Power Strip

Enjoy peace of mind with guaranteed security and easy access! Designed with multiple outlets and a USB port, you can easily connect and charge your devices! With a maximum capacity of 1875W, you can safely connect various devices.

Easy to Install: Power Strip

Thanks to our innovative desk clamp design, you can easily place it on any edge and fix it quickly without using power tools. All the tools needed to install this device properly are included, ensuring you have everything you need to start soon!

Works on Multiple Surfaces: Power Strip

No matter what kind of desk you have, the desk clamp design allows you to place it on any edge and fit it into your workspace, kitchen and more! As it is straightforward to set up, you can move it from one surface to another at your convenience.

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Overload Protection

When the current rating of the power strip outlet, plug, and cable is equal to the rating of the circuit breaker supplying the circuit involve, no additional power strip overload protection require. As the current circuit breaker will provide the required protection. However, when the wattage rating of the outlet (and therefore the power strip’s plug and wire) is less than the wattage rating of the circuit breaker supplying the affected circuit, overload protection require for the power strip’s power supply. And its power cable.

In the UK, standard BS 1363 plugs and sockets are rates at 13A but are supplied on circuits protects by circuit breakers up to 32A. Equipped with sockets for BS 1363, which includes a 13A maximum fuse, in the UK and other countries, a BS 1363 socket is used.

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Strength Without Crawling Under It

The Clip-on Power Strip is a power supply that gives you easy access to all the ports and outlets you need without having to crawl under your desk or add loops to your desk. Although designed to complement Jarvis desks, this handy little power hub will work with almost any surface (25mm max).

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Is it Necessary to Charge a Mobile Phone with a USB Power Strip?

Is it Necessary to Charge a Mobile Phone with a USB Power Strip?

With the rise of cell phones and other portable devices, it is common to charge multiple devices simultaneously with a single charger. It’s driving a power strip boom with various USB ports. But some users concern about whether it is essential to charge mobile phones or other USB devices by power strip, because some power strips design with USB port with 1A~2.1A, a power bank charger. Is it less than? ‘Feed.

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Due to Battery Failure or Loss of Capacity: Power Strip

Battery capacity is one of the main criteria for deciding whether an electronic device is good. But the battery will wear out over time due to internal and external factors.

Regarding internal factors, batteries will continue to age with multiple charging and use. Once the internal electrodes age, the electrolyte degrades and oxidizes, damaging the diaphragm and reducing the battery’s rated capacity.

As for external factors, the battery loss is mainly due to frequent and rapid charging and discharging. Which can lead to high current density. In addition, high temperatures can also accelerate the ageing of the battery. Some people charge cell phones incorrectly, such as using a battery case or playing while setting. Inadequate charge depth, discharge duration, and other external factors such as shock or collision will also make battery life obsolete.

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Some power strips have power-saving features that turn off the power strip when devices go to sleep. Using the sensor circuit, they detect that the power level through the port is standby (less than 30W). and if so, they turn off that port. It reduces the standby power consumption of computer peripherals and other equipment when not in use, saving money and energy from the flow of connected equipment and powering off the entire kitchen.

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