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Keyboard Types – Definition, Types, Uses, and More


Keyboard Types – A keyboard is one of the primary input devices that allows users to enter text into a computer or other electronic device. It is a device that is the easiest way for a user to communicate with a computer. It consists of several buttons that create numbers, symbols, letters, and special keys, such as the Windows key and Alt, among other functions. The keyboard design originates from the typewriter keyboard, and the numbers and letters on the keyboard arrange in such a way as to allow for faster typing.

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Types of Computer keyboards

Keyboards are classified according to their size and how they are used. These types discuss below:

1. Multimedia Keyboard: Keyboard Types

The keyboard which contains all the multimedia buttons is called a multimedia keyboard. Controls include play, pause, prior, next, volume up, volume down, mute, and a special button for media playback. In addition, there is a button to launch the browser, My Computer, and Calculator.

2. Mechanical Keyboard: Keyboard Types

A primitive keyboard in which physical buttons are used for each key is called a mechanical keyboard. Thus, it makes noise with every keystroke. A switch is pressed, and an electrical signal is sent to the computing device, which displays the characters.

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3. Wireless Keyboard: Keyboard Types

Bluetooth, IR, or radio frequency is used to connect the keyboard to the computer. We can move the keyboard, which does not need the parent system. These keyboards are lightweight and compact. These keyboards must have a transmitter and a transmitter and receiver. Therefore transmitter sends out keystrokes in the form of radio waves that the transceiver receives near the leading equipment.

4. Virtual Keyboard: Keyboard Types

The keyboard used in a smartphone is called a simulate keyboard. This keyboard seems when need and disappears when typing is complete, and it can be automatically adjusted as needed. In Windows also, we can use the virtual keyboard that appears on the screen. There’s nothing physical to a virtual keyboard that can be carry around.

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5. USB keyboard: Keyboard Types

Universal serial bus keyboards consist of a USB stick with a wire that needs to inserts into the system’s USB port. So the keyboard works fine. During system reboot, the keyboard is not supported, and thus users may face a problem. Installing the appropriate drivers helps to solve this problem.

6. Comfortable Keyboard: Keyboard Types

This keyboard is mainly designee for those users who use both hands to type. This keyboard’s advantage is reducing muscle fatigue and carpal tunnel syndrome for the users. Therefore, the keyboard designee with comfort design in mind, and this keyboard is very expensive and affordable for ordinary people.

7. Qwerty keyboard: Keyboard Types

Older typewriters had keys in the QWERTY range because of the string layout. Older computer keyboards were built similarly for ease of use by typewriter users. This keyboard is the most used by all of us; hence, no introduction needs.

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8. Gaming Keyboard: Keyboard Types

A keyboard with very few keys dedicate to the player is called a gaming keyboard, and the keyboard also has to embed graphics. The W, S, D, and A keys and the arrow keys are the only keys you can find on this keyboard. The design is so excellent that anyone can fall in love with the keyboard.

9. Chicklet Keyboard: Keyboard Types

The keys on this keyboard are square-shape with round edges. The technology varies between devices, which is what makes it unique. Buttons attach to a critical membrane in the keyboard and are now used in almost all devices.

10. Membrane Keyboard

These keyboards use pressure pads and have letters printed on a flexible surface called a membrane. Thus the cost of these keyboards is significantly less. But the inaccuracy in hitting and playing made him lose interest.

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11. Thumb keyboard

Small keyboards with fewer keys or only numeric characters are called thumb keyboards. They are mainly used for arithmetic operations and games, and this keyboard is only the size of a thumb.

12. Flexible Keyboard

Silicone keyboards whose keys are mostly flexible are called flexible keyboards in appearance. The space between the keys is small, and the keyboards are rotatable and not foldable.

13. Laptop-Shaped Keyboard

On this type of keyboard, the keys reduce, and the space between the keys diminishes. These are specially designee for laptops. Thus, Most keyboards don’t have a numeric keypad, and some functions integrate into other keys on the keyboard.

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14. Backlit keyboard

The keys have lights that help users type even in the dark. These keyboards are available on both game consoles and traditional consoles.

15. Magic Keyboard

These keyboards are made by Mac and are battery operate. The layout is excellent and gives a keyboard feel to everyone.

16- Bluetooth keyboard

The keyboard connects to the system via Bluetooth so that the USB port can be used for other purposes. This keyboard offers the flexibility of a wired keyboard.

17. Chord Keyboard

The limit number of keys helps the user to move the keyboard anywhere. Thus the combination of specific keys produces the desired properties. The keyboard is small and not as commercially successful as other keyboards.

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Uses – Keyboard Types

Uses - Keyboard Types

  • Here we have highlighted the uses of the keyboard.
  • Users can type letters and numbers using the keyboard. Additionally, some special commands can execute using the keyboard. Using only the keyboard, we can enter data.
  • Most tasks can be done with the keyboard without using the mouse. Purpose and control keys are used for specific actions perform by the mouse.
  • Hotkeys are used to access all system files to avoid using the mouse.
  • Thus the Control and Esc keys can be used for different purposes in most tasks.
  • Touch keyboards are primarily used today and may replace by augment reality keyboards in the future. The new keyboards are flexible and more customizable than traditional keyboards.
  • Perhaps data can enter by means other than the keyboard in the future. The mindset of welcoming all changes is essential for the generation.

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Therefore, Many types of the keyboard offer for your computer on the market today. Thus the keyboard is an essential part of computers that contains all the characters, symbols, numbers, and special characters used to type text input data in a desktop computer to output results on the screen.

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