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Video Editing Software: Best Free Video Editing Software


Best Free Video Editing Software in 2022

Video Editing Software: The best free video editing software program allows you to create stunning, professional-looking videos for social media, YouTube, and even movies and TV at no cost. We’ve tested the most popular devices on the market, and then we’ll reveal our top picks.

But what exactly do we mean by “best”? Well, it largely depends on what you want to modify. In fact, it’s packed with high-end features like color gamut and smart video stabilization, making it suitable for high-end content like TVs and feature movies.

However, this greatly complicates its use. Therefore, it is not the best choice for hobbyists, hobbyists, or semi-professional video editors (such as graphic designers or marketers who edit videos as part of their work). For these purposes, you’ll need a tool with a more user-friendly interface, so check out the other entries on our list. Also, of course, you’ll need software that works on your chosen device; For this reason, we’ve included tools for Windows, Linux, Mac, iOS, and Android below. If you are a beginner to editing, also try our video editing guide for beginners.

Finally, keep in mind that free software always comes with some limitations. For example, you may have watermark overlays on your videos and the range of export formats may be limited. If you want to avoid such limitations, the alternative is to try the fully paid software for free. If so, check out the three quick relations below or our guide to the highest paying video editors.

To compile this article, we relied on our personal experience with a variety of video editing software on Windows and Mac computers, as well as the best video editing apps for Android, iOS, and Chromebooks.
Apart from using this software in our daily work and getting feedback about its usefulness from other creators, we have also reviewed most of the tools on this list officially. This includes editing our own projects, checking and comparing different programs in terms of ease of use, speed and responsiveness, editing power, blending and transition features, and video and audio effects.

Quick Links: Best Video Editing Software with Able Trial

Want to study the ropes and see if video editing is right for you? So the best way to get a free video editing software is to get a free trial. This will give you access to the full program at no cost, but for a limited time.

How to Choose Free Video Editing Software?

How to Choose Free Video Editing Software?

Many factors to consider earlier in investing your time learning new video editing techniques. Here are the top 8 things to watch out for:

  • Your level of expertise
  • learning curve
  • User-friendly interface
  • artificial intelligence tools
  • Video format support and multi-GPGPU acceleration
  • Basic and advanced editing tools
  • Special effects, music and other features
  • Quality customer support

15 Best Free Video Editing Software programs for Windows PC

1. Power Director Basics – Best Overall
2. Mixer – Best for Animation
3. Heftily Express – Best for Visual Effects
4. DaVinci Solutions – Best for Experts
5. Video Pro Vlogger – Best Action Cam Footage
6. Windows Film Editor
7. Movie Maker Online
8. Lightworks – Best for Professionals
9. Shot cut – Best for Intermediate Users
10. Avid Media Composer First
11. Adobe Premiere Elements
12. VSDC – Best for Presentations
13. Video Pad – Best for Beginners
14. Movavi Video Editor – Best for Vloggers
15. Open Shot

Frequently Asked Queries About Free Video Editing Software

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3. Does Windows 10 have Movie Maker?
4. Does your Mac have a free video editor?
5. What are the best free film editing software for Mac?
6. What are free video editing apps?
7. Is the free editing software enough for my videos?
8. Should I pay for a film editor to get better results?
9. What features of video editing software should I look for?
10. How can I manage videos quickly and easily?

In the Video

Do you want to make an announcement or maybe a music video? In Video is an ultra-simple video creation platform that lets you create professional-looking videos in action, even if you’ve never edited a video earlier.

In Video is one of the best free editors for Windows or other systems, it is free to pre-build with you don’t want to kiss for the creation of excellent professional videos, models and instantaneous stocks in passing for a three-easy editor use.

There are plenty of other video editing software out there that claim to have fully customizable templates, but what makes In Video the best video editing software for PC is how many features it has.
The user can go ahead and modify the structure of the entire form if desired. You can use the ice cream template from In Video and turn it into a shoe ad.

Here’s a Quick GIF to See the Transformation:

Features accompanying the video
– More than 5000 templates fully customizable and ready to edit
– An unrivaled library of stored assets including photos, videos and song clips
– Share videos directly to your public media frequencies after production
– Allows one-click reset of item targets such as warranty in videos

Simplified Video Creation with Branded Presets that Ensure Consistent Branding Across all Videos

– 24/7 live chat support ensures a frictionless workflow
– Up to 100 GB of cloud storage in the paid version
– Paid subscription gives you full access to Filmer – Video Editor & Video Maker mobile app
– Easy to use.
– More than 5000 fully customizable video templates.
– Built-in stock media library of over 8 million royalty-free photos and videos.
Good for beginners and experienced alike.
It includes many features like automatic voiceover, HD resolution, speed adjustment, video stabilization, etc.
– Automatic conversion of text to speech.
– Unlimited number of team members and team participation.
– Branding presets such as color scheme, logo and fonts are available.

Price Limit

Free Plan: Set it up on In Video with a free account to explore features and edit videos with video watermarks until you decide whether or not they’re right for your game editing toolset.

Business: $15 per month: The Business plan includes everything for free, plus the ability to remove video watermark, export 60 videos per month, 10 GB of cloud storage, 10 media from iStock per month, more than one million premium media and Filmer includes access to Pro.

Unlimited: $30 per month – Unlimited plan includes all features of the free plan plus access to unlimited video export, 100 GB cloud storage, 120 media from iStock per month, over 1 million premium media, and Filmer Pro.


The best free video editing software is perfect if you want to turn all those photos gathering dust on your computer into a mini movie masterpiece, but without spending a fortune. Of course, you can buy the best video editing software if you want, but the free version will let you learn the basics at no cost. The best free video editing software is perfect if you want to turn all those photos gathering dust on your computer into a mini movie masterpiece, but without spending a fortune. Of course, you can buy the best video editing software if you want, but the free version will let you learn the basics at no cost.


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