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Web Development – What is the Future of Web Development?

What is Web Development?

Web development means creating and maintaining a website and includes various aspects such as web design, programming, database management, and web publishing. In short, “What is web development?” The answer is that it includes all activities related to creating applications that run on the Internet, i.e. websites.

Web development has two main aspects: front end and back end.

Front End Development

The interface is the part of the website with which the end user interacts; What they see, what they click on, the form they submit, etc.

HTML is used to design the interface using a markup language – this is the website’s structure.
CSS is a simple language used to make web pages presentable
Javascript is a scripting language that makes sites dynamic
Bootstrap is a free and open source combination

Back End Development

The server side is called the backend; Users cannot see or interact with it. It is a piece of software used to store and organize data.

PHP, a scripting language for web development
Java is a highly scalable programming language
Python speeds up work and enables efficient system integration
Node.js is a cross-platform platform that allows JavaScript code to execute outside the browser.

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Web Development

Web Development

In addition to technological advancements, the future of web development tends to change every year. It introduces when the number of websites in the world increased exponentially. Additionally, businesses today rely more on online purchases through apps or websites than traditional stores.
Therefore, your website must become more powerful to compete in such a competitive digital market. To do this, you must generate innovative ideas and identify the latest trends in web development.

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What is the Future of Web Development?

After a long research process, we have compily 19 future trends that expects to be the future of web development in the next five years.

Web Development: Artificial Intelligence (AI)

In the days to come, the part of artificial intelligence expects to grow in importance in the world of websites.

It is undeniable that artificial intelligence will be the future of web development as this stage has developed at a faster pace. Currently, many leading companies have launched AI-specific systems. Additionally, the release of ADI tools has allowed websites to be generates automatically, which can be further customized by web developers. Two famous examples of AI systems are Apple’s Siri and Google’s Alexa, which enable the recognition and analysis of human speech by following patterns and providing a better user experience through interpreted information.

Web Development: Internet of Things (IoT)

According to a Statista survey, there will be around 32 billion connected devices in 2021. The exponential growth in the number of IoT devices will positively affect web development as companies tend to manage these devices through laptops or Office computers. Moreover, integrating devices with the website also plays a vital role in providing better services to customers. For example, the Internet of Things can analyze fitness bracelets or smart watches.

Web Development: Virtual Reality

In recent years, virtual reality has been one of the most specific things that have positively impacted the future of web development. Web developers have fully used virtual reality to implement the most important features of the technology to provide users with a stimulating environment.

360 Degree Video

The ability to create 360-degree videos is one of the most demanded skills by almost every organization worldwide. It can support website development by offering interactive and enhanced user interface design. Give users a virtual experience of a product that is easy to describe and explain. If designers have previous VR experience, they may have more opportunities to create 360-degree videos to increase customer engagement.

Voice Command

Voice control should be a trend for the future of web development. Today, users can use voice commands to control their smartphones, TV screens, laptops or tablets. Compared to the last few years, technology has improved a lot. Users can quickly call an Uber driver with a simple voice command instead of performing many actions with the app. Website developers can use it to improve customer experience.

More Appreciation for Web Standards

In the past, it wasn’t easy to sell customers the role of semantic and valid code. However, with the development of technology, many devices and browsers are on the market. Therefore, standards are increasingly important to produce flexible and interoperable products.


JavaScript is used to develop Android mobile applications and dynamic website applications. This has been one of the hottest website development trends in 2020 and enhances with the advent of new frameworks and large libraries. The increased adaptability of JavaScript to provide custom functionality and ease of use has made JavaScript frameworks the preferred choice for web developers worldwide.

Company Structure

A good framework is essential for a complete website and plays a vital role in the development environment. Although we cannot name the future of the web in the next few years, web developers can create a unique framework.

Block Chain

Bitcoins have been gaining in popularity since 2020. However, the story of blockchain technology is just beginning. Technology considers the engine of the web industry. Although blockchain technology has eliminated the need for intermediaries, it has provided a safe and secure online transaction. This innovative technology uses standard data storage to help users store data in different locations worldwide.

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The world of website development changes every year, making it difficult for some businesses to survive in the digital age. Therefore, companies must keep pace with web development trends to remain competitive. And to further cement your position in this competitive digital market, you need a robust web product.

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