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Marketing Agency – Introduction, Advantages, Services, and More

What are the Services of a Marketing Agency?

Marketing Agency – A marketing agency is a company specializing in creating a traditional marketing strategy, digital, or both at the same time. It is generally the intermediary between the client and the communication agencies. But when should you call on his services? And what are the advantages of using this type of service provider?

A Marketing Agency: What is it Exactly?

Indeed, the marketing agency is a branch of the communication agency. Very often, different terms are confused. Here are some applicable definitions:

Advertising management can take several names such as advertising management, the communication agency, the advertising management, the com agency, and the communication consulting agency. It develops advertising media and communication media following the expectations of its customers.

The marketing agency, for its part, designs marketing plans (internal and external communication) and carries out follow-ups to measure the strategy’s performance. Its services request by companies wishing to outsource this management.

And the web agency, digital communication agency or interactive agency: is a company specializing in the creation and optimization of web media such as websites

What are the Main Advantages of a Marketing Agency?

What are the Main Advantages of a Marketing Agency?

A marketing agency can support a business’ traditional or digital strategies. It is a very complex technique because you would have to master both traditional marketing and digital marketing. Its primary missions are to promote a product, a service or a brand image. Thus, It is why the agency can offer various services to its clients, namely:

  • Creating a marketing mix
  • Market research
  • The creation of a website
  • SEO Optimization
  • Setting up a net linking campaign
  • Design of logo and graphic charter
  • The different “pay per click” services and sponsored links

6 Elements to Observe to Determine the Quality of a Marketing Agency

Choosing the best marketing agency (association) is essential to pay particular attention to specific elements.

1. The Agency can Show you Results on Projects Similar to Yours

The marketing agency that corresponds to you must be able to show you the results of campaigns that it has already carried out for other clients, and if possible, on sectors and projects similar to yours. This transparency is crucial because it guarantees a certain maturity and the importance it places on the results.

On the contrary, beware of overly beautiful promises not supported by concrete facts.
Also, take the time to read the shared customer reviews on the agency in question.

2. The Agency has a Clear Website – Marketing Agency

The agency that supports you in your digital marketing issues must be able to apply the advice it recommends to itself.

However, its website is its first business card. If it lacks clarity or does not make you want to go further, you can legitimately doubt its ability to offer you quality service. This advice applies to its website and various marketing and digital communication channels: newsletter, social networks, etc.

3. The Agency is Transparent with You – Marketing Agency

A good marketing agency listens to you and makes every effort to contribute to the success of your project. With this in mind, It can challenge you if It feels you are going in the wrong direction or refer you to colleagues or partners if she knows she cannot complete a project.

4. The Marketing Agency is Recognized for its expertise

A marketing agency worthy of the name has different expertise, allowing it to offer you the best support regardless of the levers favoring your situation.

However, some agencies may specialize in specific marketing channels or techniques. In this case, there are sometimes certifications that can attest to their maturity. Examples:

An agency specialized and recognized in inbound marketing is generally a partner of the HubSpot tool, essential in this aspect, especially in Bob.

An expert, Google AdWords agency, will have obtained various Google certifications, even a Google Partner badge.

5. The Agency has Transparent Collaboration Processes

A good marketing agency will explain to you from the start how you will work, with whom and above all why they are offering to work for you.

6. You have a Good Feeling about the Agency

It is the most subjective element but also the most important. Working with a marketing agency is often synonymous with engaging in a long-lasting and trusting relationship with its interlocutors. If you feel that the current is going badly from your first exchanges, save time and cross it off the list.

In addition to these six elements, we have listed seven questions to ask directly to your marketing agency’s contacts before hiring you.

6 Questions to Ask Agencies to Find the Right One

1. Can you Achieve our Strategic Goals?

And more concretely, what are your commitments and references?
Depending on whether your goal is to optimize your conversion path, generate qualified leads or gain notoriety, a digital marketing agency must be able to support you. Don’t hesitate to ask for examples of successful collaborations with clients who have problems similar to yours.

2. What is your Expertise? Do you know my Sector?

Real estate, e-commerce, agri-food, banking & insurance: each industry has its specificities, customer journeys, and targets. We advise you to pick an agency with experience in your sector with equal skills.

3. What is your Methodology? – Marketing Agency

Often, an agency’s processes speak volumes about their professionalism and, therefore, the results you will get. Do not hesitate to ask precise enquiries to understand better how it works with the clients:
Who leads the projects? How is each step validated?

What do they need to move forward? Who will be your interlocutors? What are the planned milestones, and what are their deadlines to respond to unforeseen demand?

4. What is your Business Model (Deliverable, % on Campaign Results, etc.)

The economic model of agencies is often the same: time per day. Thus, you should be billed by deliverables, not by results.

However, in some cases and exclusively if you set up paid campaigns, some agencies may charge a specific part + a variable part depending on the result.
Find out and, if possible, ask for your price list.

5. What Tools do you Use Internally? – Marketing Agency

A marketing agency worthy of the name uses many tools to manage your campaigns, produce or distribute content or measure the results of its actions.

Depending on the tools he uses, also ask if he is in partnership with the device (Google Partner, HubSpot Partner, etc.) and if the consultants are certified by specific training, proving their competence in managing the tool.

6. How do you Measure the Results of your Work?

Working with an excellent digital marketing agency can boost your business performance. But, in general, it is also a substantial financial investment, which you must be able to justify.

Learn about the tools the agency uses to measure the results of its actions and the format of the performance reports it can provide you.

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By marketing agency, we understand a company that brings together marketing professionals and offers its clients to develop a strategy and its operational implementation with them. the only goal: Therefore, find customers. The role of these marketing agencies is:

  • Perform a precise analysis of the target to understand their needs.
  • Develop a marketing strategy adapted to the expectations of the target and consistent with the profitability objectives of the company.
  • Implement marketing operations in line with the overall strategy and identity of the company.

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