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Onkyo – Introduction, Pricing, Features, and More


Onkyo is a Japanese consumer electronics firm that specializes in high-end home theater and audio equipment. The company was founded in 1946 by Takeshi Godai, who was dissatisfied with the quality of Japanese-made dynamic speakers. The company’s name, Onkyo, means “sound acoustics” in Japanese.

Onkyo has a long history of innovation in the home audio and video market. 1985 the company released the world’s first CD player with optical transmission. In 1993, Onkyo acquired Lucasfilm’s THX certification and launched the first-ever THX-certified AV consumer receiver. In 2015, Onkyo purchased Pioneer Corporation’s Home Electronics Corporation, which further expanded the company’s product line.

Onkyo is a big brand when it comes to home audio entertainment systems. Onkyo offers premium products for your audio system needs, from amplifiers and playback devices to amplifiers and receivers.
Thus, It’s audio and video receivers range impressive, with unique features and products for almost any home listening environment.

Today, Onkyo is a leading manufacturer of AV receivers, surround sound speakers, and portable audio devices. The company’s products are known for their high quality, performance, and value. Onkyo products are available in over 90 countries worldwide, including India.

Onkyo and Pioneer Announced the Pricing and Availability of their Receivers

High-end models include the Dirac Live system, the first-ever calibration routine of notable brands.
Thus, the receivers provide two-way Bluetooth communication for streaming from the phone or listening via headphones. A second power zone is included on all HDMI Plus models while pushing the range. They also have RCA outputs that allow you to connect a “headphone base” to listen to two different sources in the same room,

For example.

Here’s What We Know About the 2021 Onkyo Receiver Lineup:

  • Onkyo TX-NR5100
  • 5.2.2 Channels
  • 80 watts per channel (stereo)
  • Four HDMI inputs and two outputs (with eARC)
  • $499 (June)

Onkyo TX-NR6100

  • 5.2.2 Channels
  • 100 watts per channel (stereo)
  • Six HDMI inputs and two outputs (with eARC)
  • $699 (August)


  • 7.2.2 Channels
  • 100 watts per channel (stereo)
  • Seven HDMI inputs (one front) and two outputs (with eARC)
  • Dirac live calibration
  • $899 (June)

Onkyo TX-RZ50

  • 7.2.2 Channels
  • 120 watts per channel stereo
  • Seven HDMI inputs (one front), two outputs (with eARC)
  • Dirac live calibration
  • $1,099 (June)
  • Leading models include the following receivers.

Pioneer Elite VSX-LX105

  • 5.2.2 Channels
  • Six HDMI inputs and two outputs
  • 80 Watts Per Channel
  • $699 (August)

Elite VSX-LX305

  • 7.2.2 Channels
  • Seven HDMI inputs (one front), two outputs
  • 100 watts per channel
  • Dirac live calibration
  • $999 (June)

Pioneer Elite VSX-LX505

  • 7.2.2 Channels
  • Seven HDMI inputs (one front), two outputs
  • 120 watts per channel
  • Dirac live calibration

Introducing Onkyo TX-NR6100

Introducing Onkyo TX-NR6100

Therefore, as the focal point of your home entertainment system, Onkyo’s TX-NR6100 7.2-Channel Network A/V AV Receiver can stream premium video, audio and gaming content throughout your home. Audio and video are exceptional, with the TX-NR6100 receiving THX Select certification translates to cinematic precision in audio and visuals. It is in addition to HDMI 2.1 support and all the video and gaming benefits it has to offer. You can also split the content into two areas in your home. Thus, You can enjoy 8K/60 video resolution, 5.2.2-channel Dolby Atmos and DTS:X surround sound, built-in wireless streaming, smart device integration and more. Other than this.

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Better Game

With this HDMI 2.1-capable console, you can access various gaming technologies that deliver a seamless 4K gaming experience. You can get a 4K HDR pass-through at 120Hz for stunning visuals and realistic response times. In addition, ALLM allows the console to automatically select TV Game Mode, while VRR and QFT work to reduce graphic lag and tearing.

Customize Klipsch

Onkyo has teamed up with Klipsch to provide the TX-NR6100 with precise crossover values so that this receiver can seamlessly integrate with existing Klipsch Reference Premier speaker systems.

Certified by Sonos

Whether starting a new Sonos system with a replacement Sonos port or already having an existing Sonos home audio system, you’ll be able to manage it remotely using the Sonos Volume-Pass Thru on the Sonos mobile app. And also, Use it to wake strategies, change inputs, and power up your stuff at specific volumes.

Integrated Broadcast

Thus, You can search for and stream music through the TX-NR6100 receiver using the Onkyo Control app for Apple and Android devices or with apps like Spotify, TIDAL, Deezer, TuneIn or Pandora.

Compatible with DTS Play-Fi

Multi-room audio can play back when using DTS Play-Fi and the Onkyo Music Control app with a compatible Apple or Android mobile device. And also, With compatible devices throughout your home, you can play music from various sources in every simulated room. Together or in a group of specific rooms. Thus, you can stream from popular online services, network media servers in your home, or other devices you own via Wi-Fi.

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Onkyo – Zone 2 HDMI Switch

Two high-quality video signals can be output to two different rooms in your home and watched simultaneously. One room can have a full 8K resolution at 60Hz, while the other can display 4K content at 120Hz.

Compatible with Smart Home

The receiver can integrate with your smart home devices, such as those that support Apple AirPlay, Amazon Alexa, or Google Assistant, so you can use your voice to manage your entertainment.

Onkyo – Two Way Bluetooth

Thus, You can stream content to play through a compatible Bluetooth receiver Or stream from the receiver to the optional Bluetooth earphones. And also, receive audio in SBC and AAC and send audio through receivers with 24-bit SBC, aptX, and aptX HD.

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Additional Features

Thus, Accu Reflex stage matching for Atmos-enabled speakers
Stream over dual-band Wi-Fi 5 (802.11ac)

Onkyo – Features

Onkyo - Features

  • Speaker Features
  • 210 W/ch (6 ohm, 1 kHz, 10% THD, 1 ch.), 100 W/ch (8 ohm, 20 Hz-20 kHz, 0.08% THD, 2 ch., FTC)
  • thx approved identity
  • Onkyo Dynamic Audio Amplification (DAA)
  • the two-stage separate amplifier circuit
  • high current dedicated low noise transducer
  • large power capacitors for audio
  • The booster power supply line supports high current mobility
  • Advanced Chassis, HDMI Board, DAC, Digital/Analog Input, Power Amplifier Grounding, Power Line
  • An isolated network module reduces high-frequency crosstalk on audio circuits
  • High current loads 4 ohms through 7 channels
  • 192kHz/24bit D/A conversion for high-resolution audio
  • VLSC™ Filtering (Vector Linear Modulation Circuit) (front left/right)
  • PLL (Phase Locked Loop) SPDIF sound anti-vibration technology
  • Tone control for left/right channels (bass/treble)

Network Features

  • Multi-room innovative AV receiver platform with integrated broadcast services, voice assistant support and remote app control
  • The fast quad-core SoC supports Wi-Fi 802.11ac (2×2 MIMO)
  • Works with Sonos for Sonos Home Audio System with Sonos App*10
  • Works with Alexa Supports multi-room music * 11
  • Hey works with Google and built-in Chromecast
  • Supports Apple Air Play 2 to Enable Siri Voice Control
    * 10 via DTS Play-Fi Multi-Room Audio Onkey Music Control App
  • Onkyo Controller App * 10. Control and manage the multi-room operation with
  • Rune Certified Testing for the Rune Core
  • Thus, IP control for setup via PC and integration into home automation systems.


Therefore, rigorously tested for the prestigious THX Selection certification, the Onkyo TX-NR6100 7.2-Channel AV Receiver delivers accurate sound and picture.

And Also, focus on a better gaming experience, and own up to your opponents with HDMI 2.1 Improvements for gamers: HDR 4K/120Hz pass-through enables ultra-fast motion – VRR (Variable Refresh Rate) for smooth gameplay. Thus, eliminates lag, stutter and frame tearing. – ALLM (Automatic Low Latency Mode) improves latency from source to screen – QFT (Quick Frame Transfer) reduces lag for a seamless experience.

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