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Equity – Introduction, Importance, Types, and More


Equity comes from the Latin Word, and the word associates with the values of equality and justice.
Attempts to promote equality beyond differences in gender, culture, economic spheres, belonging to an individual, etc. It is commonly associated with social justice. As it advocates equal conditions and opportunities for all people without discrimination and is favorable only in certain situations.

In other words, for fairness to be accurate, the rule cannot be applied to all individuals in general, but some exceptions must be considered for each case. In addition, every person should be able to claim his rights regardless of his fundamental rights.

Importance of Equity

Importance of Equity

Justice should be achieved in all walks of Life. In the economic or financial aspect, the judge is called justice in terms of equitable distribution of wealth, restraint in prices, and contracts among the members of society.

For example: If the firm is in a monopoly, it will have the ability to set the prices of its products or services at will. The government, on its part, should create the conditions for equitable business conduct.

It is also important to emphasize that in the field of religion, it is common to use the concept that interests us. In particular, within the realm of the Catholic Church, the doctrine of equality establish, the principle of what would be the law, to show what would be the application of the law with the express purpose that a person could save his soul in eternity.

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Gender Equality

When discussing gender equality, reference is made to equality and justice, allowing people, regardless of gender, to claim their rights and have equal opportunities and responsibilities. Some cases in which the lack of gender equality is evident are discrimination in the search for employment or violence against women.

Although it recognize that there are differences between women and men, it does not mean that one gender is inferior or superior to the other, which is why they have similar means and abilities when it comes to management at work and in the family. Should be, Life political and social.

Social Equality

When discussing social justice policies, reference is made to health issues, i.e. being accessible to all state residents. The same is exact in the pitch of education that whoever wants it should have the opportunity to reach three educational levels.

We also must add equal employment opportunities to these policies, which deserve positions. Living conditions are also primary and refer to suitable housing and access to drinking water, electricity, sewage networks, etc.

Many other policies aimed at social justice can mention. Still, one of its main objectives is to maximize the inclusion of all the people in a given state and raise their standard of living to attain real social welfare.

Equity as a Value

Equality as a human value seeks to achieve justice and equal opportunities for men and women while respecting the unique characteristics that each agrees with or deserves. For example, A mother will pay more attention to her youngest son because he needs more attention than her eldest son.

Equity seeks to establish or establish a just society. As Aristotle puts it, “Equity is the justice that applies to a particular case. Sometimes the harsh application of a rule to cases governed by it may produce secondary effects.”

Roman Law

Equality played a fundamental role in the development of Roman law, characterized by formalism, verbiage, and rigor, enforcing arithmetical equality rather than equality.

Roman law did not apply to everyone who lived in the empire, creating a group of outcasts who could not go to justice. However, with the conquest of Greece by the Romans, there was a reconciliation of the two cultures. With it, in addition to the introduction of a written law. Greek philosophy influence by the doctrine of breaking the strictness of the law. Fairness.

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The Difference Between Equity and Equity

The Difference Between Equity and Equity

As we have said, when we refer to the concept of equality, society recognizes it as a synonym for equality. However, even if the translation implies that similarity does not mean the same thing as equality. In this sense, it grants a series of nuances that give different meanings to the two concepts.

Therefore, equality is the act of distributing a good, resource, service, etc., in equal parts and equal proportions. On the other hand, Equity is the procedure in which distribution is made based on the qualities of an individual. In this sense, the distribution will not be equal if one person is worth more than another.

For this reason, equality has more to do with the concept of justice than with equality. Well, in that sense, it can have a uniform distribution without it, and in the same way, it can be egalitarian.

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Examples of Equity

There is a large variety of stock examples. But we will explain only a few of them, which consider the most important:

  • Work quota law: Most companies have discriminatory groups that do not get equal job opportunities. As a result, labor quota laws create to ensure that companies would have a minimum number of workers. Who were part of a discriminatory group. This group generally includes women of different races or ethnicities or transgender people.
  • Government Mortgage Loans: Banks give out loans at higher rates because their goal is to make a profit, which is one of the reasons they do not lend money to people with financial difficulties. However, the state lends money to individuals with limited resources and low-interest rates, allowing people to buy homes that no one else can.
  • Equal Pay: Workers who perform the same amount of work and the same amount of work get equal pay without discrimination.
  • Access to Education: Free distribution of equipment, books, notebooks, and school clothes to public schools in low-income areas makes it very easy for children to get a quality education without spending money on their families. Breakfast at school and canteen is another way to make it easier to come to school. However, not everyone needs help, so not all schools have this system.
  • Pay for Overtime: Equality means the more work, the more profit. For this reason, if one employee works more hours than another, the stock forces him to charge a higher percentage or receive another form of compensation.

These are Examples of Justice in Different Scenarios

In short, equality seeks to promote equality regardless of gender, culture or economic sectors to which each individual belongs. It is usually associate with social justice, as it advocates equal opportunities for all individuals.
Property rights must be adapted to the circumstances of each one. As they are disturbs according to the qualities the individual acquires. This concept combats poverty, discrimination, racism, xenophobia, homophobia or any issue that separates and separates individuals from the world.

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Equality is the act of giving each individual, no matter how different, what they deserve or earned. The word comes from Latin and usually indicates similarity in its translation. However, the two concepts are not the same thing, and they can consider opponents of each other. In this sense, equality seeks to promote social justice, whereby every individual gets what they deserve.

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