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Taylor Park Trading Post – Five Ways to Spend the Holidays


Taylor Park is located in beautiful Gunnison County, on top of the Rocky Mountains. At an altitude of 9400, Trading Post is located half a mile from Taylor Reservoir and is surrounded by the Sava chi mountain range. This remote mountainous region is ideal for camping, hiking, motorcycling, mountain biking, fishing, hunting, photography, cross-country skiing and snowboarding. Taylor Park is a great place to relax and enjoy all the outdoor activities.

Taylor Park Trading Post includes a general store, gift shop, rental booth, fully enclosed RV site, and a restaurant. A variety of amenities (such as groceries, ice, gas, wind, and water, plus all the necessary camping supplies, fishing gear, and other miscellaneous items from the General Store to enjoy all the fun activities in the area.

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Five Ways to Spend the Holidays at Taylor Park this Summer

Five Ways to Spend the Holidays

Taylor Park might be one of the most beautiful places in Colorado. A natural outdoor playground with a tremendous reservoir surrounded by huge mountains. This vast expanse extends in all directions from downtown Almont to the highway. In the vast open space of Taylor Park at 135 River Valley. From there it continues along the head of the river to Taylor Pass above Aspen.

The most popular and easiest way to get out of these mountain passes is from Buena Vista through the Cottonwood Pass. Currently, this road is closed while the Gunnison County side is straight and paved, and it is expected to reopen after the summer of 2019. You can get the latest updates when you open the Getting There page. With the exception of Pitkin Pass in Cumberland, other passes are high-altitude 4WD.

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1. Rent a Cabin or Camp: Taylor Park

Nothing improved than getting out of bed in the morning and opening your eyes for a beautiful sunrise. Since Taylor Park itself is very flat and open (which would describe a Colorado park), it’s easy to watch the sunrise and sunset without leaving your RV or cabin. You can visit our partner page to find cabin accommodations at Taylor Park and Taylor Canyon. The valley has places like 3 Rivers, Almont Resort and Hormel. Your best bet is for cabins in Upper Park, the Taylor Park Trading Post, and the small town of Tin cup.

Camping is limited to designated campgrounds in the Taylor area. These camps range from public to private and from primitive to fully connected. Most have excellent fishing access in the river, especially in the valley and above the reservoir.

2. Get out of the Way: Taylor Park

One of the most prevalent conducts to enjoy Taylor Park is by ATV, OHV or Off-roader. In the late 19th century, the offcuts of the mining boom left much of the area with jeep roads and motorized trails. Many cyclists who come alone during the week can cover more than 1,000 miles in the Taylor Park area.

3. Trout Fishing

If there’s one thing Taylor River fishing is known for. Whether it’s a “pig trough” under the dam, the reservoir itself, or the headwaters and tributaries above Taylor’s Reservoir, the best way to spend the day is with a stick or stick in hand.

4. Explore the Jungle

Taylor Park surrounds by some of Colorado’s highest peaks as well as two designates wilderness areas, Collegiate Peaks and Fossil Ridge. Both areas restrict mechanical and motor use and are the perfect place for a backpacking trip or a secluded day escape.

The trip to Henry Lake in the Fossil Ridge area is my favorite and is about 14 miles round trip. The trail begins at Loti’s Creek Campground, a few miles below the dam.

5. Cycling

Of all the trails (750+ miles) in Gunnison Canyon, one is in the heart of Taylor Canyon. For experienced riders, the Dock Park Trail is the closest thing to a cold beer, and you’ll want one after riding this trail. For beginners looking to cycle in the Taylor Park area, check out the 4WD tracks at Unmill Campground.

Taylor Park Trading

Post, located near the east side of Taylor Reservoir, offers a general store with sundries and fishing gear, cabins, RV hookups, and a restaurant. Taylor Park Trading Post is open year-round and provides snowmobile and dog sled rentals during winter.

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Therefore, taylor Park Reservoir is a beautiful residence to visit any time of the year. Whether you’re eating icefish in winter, enjoying the spring thaw (one of the best times to come), or braving the heat of summer (perhaps the least productive fishing season), you will find good fish. You will get good fish—a chance to catch up. Boats limits to the summer and fall months (June – October), when the reservoir is not frozen.

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