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Paper Stream – Introduction, Export/Import, and More


Paper Stream Capture is image capture software specially design for the FUJITSU fi/SP series image scanner. With one-button scanning and editing options, the comprehensive scanning and editing workflow is more straightforward and faster than ever. It offers robust image capture optimization, data mining, and organizational capabilities. Thus, It has an intuitive interface with simple and exciting scans.

  • Simple user interface for smooth workflow
  • Setup Assistant suggests optimal scanning settings for frequently used processes
  • Save scanned data to multiple destinations
  • Multiple ways of sorting and indexing
  • “PDF Keyword Setting” helps to find files quickly
  • Working with Paper stream IP Driver

How do I Export/ Import Paper Stream Capture Scan Profiles?

Paper Stream – How to Export Profiles?

1. Start the tool by followingView Post the procedures below.
[start menu
[paper stream capture]
2. Select the check box for the profile to be exported and click the [Play] button.
3. In the [Save As] window, give the file a name and choose a save destination, then click [Save]
4. Copy the saved profile data (.cab) to the computer where the profiles will import

How to Import Profiles?

1. Start the tool by following the procedures below.
[start menu
[paper stream capture]
2. Click the [Browse] button, select the profile data (.cab) to import, and click [Open].

Paper Stream Capture Features

Paper Stream Capture Features

Therefore, Achieve work efficiency through automated scanning processes
Paper stream Capture sets up profiles based on business scope. Thus, With a single touch on the icon, users can start scanning.

Multiple Scanning Options

Simple batch scanning can be done using default scanning and preset templates. Spot and ad hoc scans are also possible.

Operational Communication with Scanned Data

Paper Stream Capture is compatible with several back-office connectivity options and connects to popular destinations such as network folders, SharePoint, other applications, and e-mail for attachments.

Setup Assistant suggests optimal scanning settings for frequently used processes
Repetitive manual operations such as deleting blank pages or correcting page orientation can be significantly reduces by following the pop-up suggestions in the program’s notifications.

  • Multiple ways of sorting and indexing
  • Automatic separation of documents
  • Documents can be grouped, indexed, and name in many ways.

With OCR and barcode recognition, users can define regions in documents and set up pre-made rules to automate file and folder naming. Metadata can export as indexing information in CSV files.

PDF Keyword Setting helps to Search for Files Quickly

When saving as PDF documents, document asset keywords can be preset using text information or static characters in the image data. Document recovery not require to enter name only and can be quickly recover afterwards.

Paper Stream – Prevent Ignoring Scan Error

Paper stream Capture comes with AIQC 1 (Automatic Image Quality Check). Scanned results display with easily identifiable colored markers, and users can quickly identify any error and multiple feeds.

Paper stream Specifications

Only import functionality is available as an option.

  • Some scanner models require the purchase of “2D Barcode for Paper Stream” software as an option. Please visit the Fi Series support site for driver/software downloads.
  • Paper Stream Capture Pro Import require to process file imports.
  • And also, after scanning the correction.
  • At least one scan station or quality control/index station require to install in addition to the Capture Pro scan station, making a multiple station configuration requiring the installation of two or more units in total.
  • Wants Paper stream IP 2.2.0 or earlier.
  • If recommends CPU, memory capacity, and USB 1.1 requirements  not met, the scan speed may reduce.
  • Thus, the scanner may not operate if the suggest CPU and memory capacity requirements are not met.
  • Sufficient disk capacity is require for the file saved while scanning.



Therefore, Paper Stream Capture provides a digital on-ramp for businesses. This in-box software builds on powerful Paper stream IP TWAIN and ISIS drivers to deliver the best image quality in small file size. And also, the user-friendly interface, with its simple icons and intuitive navigation, minimizes operator training time. Thus the easy-to-use profile capability moves documents to the correct location in the proper file format without changing the existing workflow. It Capture is the perfect front-end software for your document capture workflow.


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